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2023 YDST Legislative Priorities

The 2023 Legislative Session is just months away. Our focus will be securing funding and state support that is based on the recommendations of the DCYF Youth Development Workgroup Recommendations. Those recommendations will be live in early September, and the YDST will work with our members and legislative champions on our request for the 2023 session beginning in January.

We’ll also be coming to town near you! This fall, we’ll be hosting in-person and virtual YDST community events to discuss and shape our legislative priorities, to learn more about the youth development needs in your communities, and have time for providers and stakeholders to mix and mingle. More information to come in mid-September. Let’s do this!

2022 YDST Legislative Priorities

  1. Leverage COVID-Related Funding to Support the Youth Development Field
  2. Strengthening School and Community Partnerships
  3. Access to Comprehensive Behavioral Health Supports with Integration into the Youth Development Field
  4. Building State Funding and Support for Youth Development

See the full YDST Legislative One Pager and YDST Priorities Here.

2022 Youth Development Advocacy Week Resources


Membership is open to any organization or individual that agrees with the Youth Development Strategy Table operating framework and principles. Please feel out the form below.

Support and participation in causes that improve access to youth development programming and enhance the youth development field, not just causes directly connected to the individual or organizational member’s personal or professional interest.

Active communication of Youth Development Strategy Table priorities to members and affiliates as relevant and appropriate.

Members are responsible for governing their own potential conflicts of interest and deciding when it is or is not appropriate to participate and/or engage in subcommittee work, particularly around legislative advocacy.

All members will be required to affirm their continued membership annually.